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Carnage lyrics


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    >> Eminem
        It was the year in 1999
    when i realized everythin wasn't fine
    I didn't want to live anymore,
    i wanted to splatter my room with blood and gore.
    Flunkin out of all my classes,
    bullies beatin me up and breakin my glasses.
    Parents abusin me,
    my teachers sending me to therapy.
    You see..i put on this happy mask,
    So the people don't ask...
    Why are you so sad?
    i'm just tryin to help you..don't get mad.
    Well fuck you..i don't need your shit
    I don't need your help you fuckin Nitwit.
    Well look what time it is,
    Its time to do my biz
    Well I guess this is my final good bye,
    i guess this is the part where i die
    i'll lie down on this bed
    and blow off my fucking head
    And you can pick up the pieces,
    and send them to your nephews and nieces
    and you pick up this bed sheet with the red stain,
    and flush it right down the drain
    chop up my body,
    and this too you can flush down the potty
    Cuz i'm leavin this earth,
    its been a burden ever since my birth
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